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Our Medical Services

The following services are not covered by Alberta Health Services:

• Insurance Forms

• Missed Appointments

• AISH forms

• Capacity Assessment reports

• Dental/ Medical Pre-op form

• Disability driving placard

• Doctor’s note

• Driver’s medical

• Employment insurance form

• Missed Physical

• Non- resident of Canada – doctor’s visit

• Pre-admission Medical assessment

• Pre-employment Health assessment

• Physical examination form

• Transfer of records


Fees for uninsured services is the responsibility of the patient. Your doctor or an assistant will discuss any fee with you before providing an uninsured service. Payment is expected when you receive the service. To make other payment arrangements, please speak to your doctor or an assistant. The list above represents uninsured services for which this clinic may bill you. Price is dependent on the length and complexity of the forms. Centennial Health is following the AMA guidelines to billing Uninsured services.

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